devinStrategic, multidisciplinary creative director and designer, Devin Young has worked with a wide range of global brands and startups including Chanel, Intel, Microsoft, The Smithsonian Institute, See.Me, The Feast Social Innovation Conference and The Future of Storytelling Summit. His expertise centers around emerging technologies, UX and UI design, experience design, branding, social media and print. Passionate about innovation related to the arts and technology, he is at his best when helping his clients thrive by identifying and leveraging new opportunities in the digital landscape.

You can see some of my work here.

This Stream of Consciousness is a collection of images I’ve been collecting for a while. I found it relaxing to look at images and then save the ones that spoke to me in one giant stream of images. I made an effort to save new images at some point in the stream that made sense with the other images that came before and after. I come back to this from time to time and have found that the associations between the images spark my imagination and help me find metaphors I never thought of. I’ve found it equally useful when brainstorming, working on poetry or looking for a new color scheme.