I want to see this film. Living in NYC, I forget how open and connected with synchronicity I am when traveling. Keep going Mark Waters. Keep going.

Getting good cinematography, editing, sound effects and music working together to tell a story really is an art form. I love when art brings out humanity and a feeling like there’s so much more to life. We may be in a moment in history where the tools are more accessible than ever but craftsmanship is still worth a lot in my book.

PS. I think we all need to be going on more adventures like this… Who’s with me!

Nature… you never go out of fashion.

This is as good as it gets for me.

I love building out spaces. How cool would it be to have this stunning bus as your home. No real estate tax with this sucker… Thinking of you Peter Kitchell. This is the next step up from your van!

See more pics here.

This 35-year-old artist and activist has spent his career hacking everything from the internet to public space to popular culture. Getting Google to recognize him as the top search result for “bad ass mother fucker” is just one in a line of clever cultural coups.

F.A.T. Lab’s parody of the rumored Google self-driving car is a prime example of the fun, satirical nature of much of their work. The group garnered mainstream media attention by cruising around Manhattan in the tricked-out car (complete with fake decals and roof-piece), staging accidents, driving over cones and, at one point, doing donuts in front of Google’s New York offices.

“[I like] the idea that you can make entertaining content, but it can also have a bite, it can also have an edge, it can also say something,” Roth says.


Source: The Guardian

Man. Good writing is good writing.  When done well, it feels totally cutting edge.

Can’t remember the last time my childhood was so well articulated.

Cool to see some of Microsoft’s concepts of where things are going although it left me wanting more. This felt very cute and “PG”.


I wonder if one day we will look back and see these kinds of videos the way we do nowadays looking at visions of the future from the 1950.