Seems somewhat limited as an approach so far but the potential of using folding as a means to hack space constraints is super interesting and underexploited in general.

Ok! Who is coming up with a cocktail glass made out of this stuff? It would be so pretty, moving your drink around while playing you tunes….

These shots are incredible. One amazing band. One drone. One take. Done!

Pretty amazing engineering.

Memo Akten is doing some cool experiments with Leap Motion, lasers, MSAPhysics and Open Frameworks. Love his work. Two other projects of his I really dig below.

P5210053-600x450Nervous Systems builds computer programs based on processes and patterns found in nature and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewelry and housewares. It’s really great how code focused on mimicking nature can then be re-purposed in so many ways.

Simply put. Mind blown. The implications are endless. I love the way the liquids move on the surfaces, the example with the colored water staying in a defined area, how things go into water and then don’t drip when they come out. Not sure how I will use this, but one day, I will use this!

Screen-Shot-2013-09-22-at-7.16.25-PMThis is a magical collaborative between Matthew Wagerfield and Tobias van Schneider with a dash of WebGL. I love when code can harness enough power and beauty to be genuinely moving.

Really interesting experiments using open frameworks in collaboration with dancers wearing Motioner. They call it the RAMDanceToolkit  and it was created by YCAM InterLab, including Yoshito Onishi, Satoru Higa, Motoi Shimizu and Kyle McDonald (who does super interesting work).

Check out this second video if you really want to get under the hood.

For more  info at RAMDanceToolkit wiki. Download Mac and Windows applications here or visit GutHub for full source including addons.


The new device is simple in nature. “The architecture consists of two components, an aperture assembly and a sensor. No lens is used.”

The disadvantage, at least for the moment, is that it takes time to acquire the data for each image. So the camera only creates images of still scenes.

But even that is useful for surveillance since it is possible to compare consecutive images of the same scene to determine things that have changed or to work out the speed of moving objects.

Pictures never out of focus… Sounds like the future of photography to me.
Source: MIT Technology Review

What kind of dishes could one make in the kitchen with one of these?! Peanut butter and jam will never be the same again!

I love seeing Google maps being hacked in new ways. It’s kinda mind blowing how much data is actually inside Google maps. What a huge undertaking.

Nice work guys!

speakersSo fun!
Source: Wired

bioprinter-newThe first commercial 3-D bioprinter, Organovo’s NovoGen MMX Bioprinter, is manufacturing functional liver tissues that will soon help biochemists test new drugs. Click on the pic to see how it works.

When I come across things like this, I feel like I stepping right into Pandora’s box. What happens when people can buy 3D printers that can print tissue? Then on top of that there are a ton of other technologies that could be integrated into those living tissues (nano tech, robotics, eventually artificial intelligence…). At some point, we end up becoming god in our basements. No government will be able to regulate everything… There’s no stopping it. I think we’re going to have to be pretty mature as a society to get through the growing pains ahead.

robotDrones are getting smaller and smaller. I had this vision once of going to a show and then seeing a ton of little drones fly out  from the stage and hover above the crowd. If you had a little multicolored LED light on each one, you could create a moving screen that could split apart and then come back together, chase each other around the room…. I think it would be pretty magical. Just need to make sure the drones don’t run out of power and aren’t super loud.

I looked into building out a Microsoft Surface (the touch table) type project a couple years back for a client. Seemed like a fun idea but the table resolutions were too low and it looked a bit laggy. Looks like the technology is progressing along. This doesn’t look horrible.

We take pictures, record audio and video… but what about smell? This is so ingenious. The more our senses are incorporated into an experience, the more memorable it becomes because there’s more information for the brain to hold on to. Smell is something that’s going to blow up in years to come. Can’t remember where I saw it, but there were a bunch of people in Japan who were trying to transmit smell on the internet. That would be so cool. Maybe not all the time (obviously), but at the right times, like the right spices in an awesome meal, that could take things to a whole other level.

Here’s a good example of making a space really feel immersive and interactive: 5 projectors, a kinect and a solid sound system. Great work by Red Paper Heart. They’ve come up with some really creative projects.

This 35-year-old artist and activist has spent his career hacking everything from the internet to public space to popular culture. Getting Google to recognize him as the top search result for “bad ass mother fucker” is just one in a line of clever cultural coups.

F.A.T. Lab’s parody of the rumored Google self-driving car is a prime example of the fun, satirical nature of much of their work. The group garnered mainstream media attention by cruising around Manhattan in the tricked-out car (complete with fake decals and roof-piece), staging accidents, driving over cones and, at one point, doing donuts in front of Google’s New York offices.

“[I like] the idea that you can make entertaining content, but it can also have a bite, it can also have an edge, it can also say something,” Roth says.


Source: The Guardian

GOOGLE!! Thanks for finally connecting my phone to my computer. I’ve been waiting a couple of years now for someone to start doing this. The video game piece is pretty brilliant too. All around, hats off.

Beautiful interactive piece.

Did a project a couple years back with Intel around vibrant data (data we create in real time all the time). This project is tapping into Four Square’s data and unlocking a whole different story that was previously unavailable. Curious what seeing things from this higher level perspective brings about.

Augmented Reality starts maturing… Seems like this would be really fun to get into especially with all the DIY drones and tech out there.

Cool to see some of Microsoft’s concepts of where things are going although it left me wanting more. This felt very cute and “PG”.


I wonder if one day we will look back and see these kinds of videos the way we do nowadays looking at visions of the future from the 1950.

As we move towards invisible interfaces, it’s great to see people trying other approaches other than camera based solutions. I recently tried leap motion and was a bit underwhelmed by accurate it was. I wonder if this system would offer more movement fidelity.